Papillon Ribbon & Bow understands the importance of leaving a lasting remark. We are able to brand and personalize your giftware and gift promotional items that you may want to have at your local stores, your next fundraising events, product launches, corporate conferences, tradeshow exhibitions, and for any other occasion. Branding Strategies Our Product Development team can design for your corporation outstanding rosette rings and bracelets, bow rings and bracelets, ribbon keychains, and ribbon lanyards, which are perfect to market your brand in a trend-setting and fashionable manner. Our high quality and customizable printing services can send your message across to your target audience by printing your logo, slogan, and ideas. In-House Designers - Customize Everything to Your Needs By working with our In-House designers, we can customize your ribbon selections through our dye-to-match processes to your specific Pantone colors, ribbon printing facilities, and in-house designers who can take your requirements and transform it into a beautiful end product.

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