Papillon Ribbon & Bow Catalog

We supply a large selection of ribbons, pre-made twist tie bows, twist ties, pouches, tulles, tassels, cords, elastics, and collapsible CECO BOX.

Papillon Ribbon & Bow offers a wide range of packaging products to help you find your packaging solutions. We have six warehouses located across New Jersey, Montreal, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Tianjin, thus we are able to drop ship your products anywhere across the globe.

At Papillon Ribbon & Bow, we supply pre-made Bows and Twist Ties under bulk quantities of 10 pieces per package for bows and 1000 pieces per order for twist ties. If you would like to collaborate with our creative team to customize your own Pre-Tied Bow for your corporate and retail projects, please contact your regional sales representative today! Our factories have over 20 years of experience within the garment and bow-making industry. Thus, we assure you that we will provide you with consistent high quality control, accurate Pantone color matching, and delightful customer service! Purchase now from Online US store.

ceco box is a division of Papillon Ribbon & Bow - it is a patented collapsible box offering a unique packaging solution for products. Select from our available stock with no minimum requirements and quick delivery time. Logo printing on our stock ceco boxes is also available for an elegant and affordable option. ceco boxes are innovative, reusable and most importantly collapsible. ceco boxes reduce transport volumes and allows you to save up to 75% storage space. Purchase now from Online US store.

Cords and Elastics are great for packaging your retail products, gourmet food packaging, and mobile ceilings to hang signage material displays. We provide a range of matte and metallic elastics, matte and metallic stretch loops, metallic frog loops and flat stretch loops. If you would like to customize your cord or elastic with custom assemblies (clasp, barb, metal balls, or knot), you can refer to our “Service” category for more information about the options we offer.

Papillon Ribbon & Bow supplies a range of decorative Pouches and Tulles for any types of occasions, whether it may be for a wedding, anniversary, corporate event, or even for your simple retail packaging displays. From organza sheer pouches to velvet and faux suede pouches. We provide a wide range of colors to match any type of occasion. If you would like to personalize your Pouch, you can see in our “Service” section, under “Pouch Design”, for more information concerning the custom options we supply: pouch bottoms, hem and string, fabric options, pull strings, and custom printing.

At Papillon Ribbon & Bow, we have a large stock inventory of ribbons stored globally across our six inventories situated in three continents, North America, Western Europe, and East Asia. Our products are certified under Oeko-Tex, thus it does not contain any harmful substances. We supply the widest range of colors for Single-Face Satin and Double-Face Satin, Grosgrain and Chiffon. Nevertheless, we provide other types of classic ribbon, novelty ribbon, festive ribbon, and printed ribbon. As we are situated globally, we can drop ship our products anywhere across the world. Ribbon is a delightful product to package and accessorize your retail products, whether it is for fashion apparel, cosmetics, baskets and gourmet foods, wedding favors, or stationery. Purchase now from Online US store.

Here at Papillon Ribbon & Bow, we offer more than just Elastic Loop Bow Attachments as merchandising inventory stock products for your retail packaging. Our services include customizing your elastic loop bow attachments with any type of elastics, cords, and ribbon you would like to incorporate within your packaging strategy. Speak with your regional sales representative for more information. Purchase now from Online US store.

ECO Ribbon, using it can reduce the carbon footprint with the packaging of your product. We have a wide range of eco-friendly ribbon packaging options to ensure that you can be proud of how you accessorize and package your product.

* All of our sustainable ribbons come with certifications available upon request.

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