Papillon Ribbon & Bow Ancillary products

What we are today:
Papillon Ribbon & Bow was first founded within the garment, children’s wear and fashion industry. We supplied the world with our high quality handmade flower rosettes, bows, ribbons, and pouches, which are produced within our factories. Twenty years from today, we offer gift packaging and garment packaging services. Additionally, we come up with two Fashion Gallery Catalogues each year, which features the new bows and rosette trends for your innovative apparel designs. 

We offer domestic and overseas productions depending on the production time constraints you have for your projects in consideration to your price and budget needs. With our long experience the fashion industry, we guarantee you that our strict quality controlled finished products will meet your standards to maintain your valuable image.

How we can meet your needs:
*Personalized ribbon for apparel packaging
*Custom bows and rosette design
*Custom pouches: satin, organza, velvet, linen, wool, mesh, felt, clear, and Dupioni silk
*Wholesale ribbon
*Branded collapsible gift boxes next to your retail store’s cashier department

Where we are today:
Papillon Ribbon & Bow works with some of the largest cosmetics and perfume brands, such as: Lancôme, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Crabtree & Evelyn. We purposely situated our headquarters in France, the leading country in the world of fashion, cosmetics and perfumes, in order to be in key contact with your headquarters. We closely monitor all projects across the globe to provide a centralized platform of communication.

We offer quality controlled solutions for your soaps, fragrances, body care, lotions, creams, essential oils, and other aromatic health & beauty products. Our wide selection of personalized ribbon, cords, elastic loops, bows, rosettes, and collapsible boxes will fit your decorative packaging design.

How we can meet your needs:
*Personalized ribbon printing services for your branding strategies
*Pre-tied ribbon bows
*Personalized cosmetic collapsible gift boxes
*Twist Tie bows

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